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I am an aspiring author in the middle of the second draft of my first novel. During the day-time I work as an Internet Application Developer.

As a child I lived in several different places. My father was in the US Army so we found ourselves in a new location every four years. I now reside in the United States. I am a world traveler and lived in Malaysia for ten years during my early adulthood.

More than getting used to change as a child, I learned to embrace it. Change is an integral part of my psyche and because of that I embrace diversity in all its forms.

I have a passion for Science Fiction. Details of my current work is available below.

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The Science of Miracles

Paxxa was abducted by extraterrestrials as a toddler and taken to be raised in the culture of the Raquesti. Paxxa will return to earth as a emissary for the alien culture. Paxxa’s mission is to teach Raquesti science to the people of earth in the hope of recreating knowledge the Raquesti lost in a devastating war.

Greg Macsen is a former physics professor with a theory of hyper-dimensional energy. A totalitarian regime has forced him to work in a secret weapons laboratory. He has been broken by the sadistic head of national security who is using the memory of his ex-girlfriend to taunt him.

Greg is rescued and meets Paxxa in the sanctuary of an underground resistance movement. Together they create a device that can help the resistance battle the corrupt government. What will happen when the government tries to thwart their plans?

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A black hole is where gravity leaks out of our brane into the bulk. I am proposing a counterpart to a black hole, what I call a 'White Fountain,' where exotic hyperphysical energy leaks into our brane.

Greg Macsen

Can the religious view and the scientific view of our universe both be right? It is hubris for you to think that if you cannot reconcile them, one or the other is false. What this means is that your understanding of both is insufficient.


Happiness is not a reaction to what happens. And it is more than a personal choice. Happiness is a personal responsibility. Happiness is a mindset. If the 'Man' has you locked in a cage, how you behave is still YOUR choice! Make happiness your act of DEFIANCE!

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